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“Transparency shined a spotlight on reality” Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G* Proctor & Gamble’s decision to cut $200 million on digital ad spend with ‘no reduction in growth rate’ prompted marketers worldwide to question ‘how much budget am I wasting online?’ But is it possible for small, medium and enterprise businesses alike to transparently quantify and eliminate wasted spend?

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May 08, 2018

With clients averaging a 12-15% saving in paid search budget with 0% impact on overall conversions, we’ve compiled a 3 step guide to help you optimise campaign performance by:

  1. Identifying inefficient spend
  2. Pinpointing over-invested opportunities
  3. Understanding the impact of adding and removing elements in tangible revenue terms

Read on to start your optimization journey in 1 minute or download our paid search hints & tips whitepaper for your 5 minute fix of digital marketing insight.

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Identify inefficient spend

Discover which keywords and placements bring no conversions by selecting the type of media you wish to view and the limit you wish to cap at.

*recommendations based on data-driven attribution model to provide certainty that keywords or placements have provided no contribution to conversion

Pinpoint over-invested opportunities

Select and deselect the keywords or placements you 

wish to stop investing in based on their cost and conversion values.

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Understand the impact of adding and removing elements in tangible revenue terms

Compare your historical spend to reduced spend recommendations based on the deselection of zero performance media to visualize the impact of deletion on CPA and ROI.

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Rebecca Wynn

Marketing Manager, Fospha

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